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Some epic questions for you!!

2014-12-08 05:34:52 by XxSPAMMER-RISExX

  1. Who are you??
  2. Who the fuck are you??
  3. What is your name?
  4. What is your real name?
  5. What is my name??
  6. What is my real name??
  7. WHO ARE YOU???
  8. Where are you now??
  9. What are you doing now?
  10. Who create this question??
  11. Who answer this question?
  12. Do you want try to kill someone??
  13. Do you ever kill someone?
  14. What's is behind you?
  15. Who's behind you??
  16. What's behind me?
  17. Who's behind me??
  18. Fans me or your soul will be cursed XD!!
  19. Type "Siopanisha" with closed eyes..
  20. What are you doing?
  21. What am i doing?
  22. Give me some question, it probaly i'll answer it!
  23. How much ALT account you already made?
  24. How much ALT account i'm already made?
  25. Can i stab you??
  26. Can i rape your sister/mom/daughter/girlfriend??
  27. Make me laugh with 2 image..
  28. Type "TYPE IT BITCH!!!" with closed eyes..
  29. Find a keyboard.. (In your place, say where the keyboard is and what did the keyboard said to you)
  30. Do you like........... SHAFOU??


Answer the question, and what is your reaction??